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wls_lifestyle's Journal

It's not just a tool, it's a way of life.
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WLS is a way of life.

Please Note - Because this community is for those who have already had weight loss surgery, we cannot accept members who have not had wls yet. If you apply to join this community, and do not follow the instructions below, your application will be denied because we have no way of knowing if you are post-op or not. So *please* read through the profile and then click on the link to post to us.

This community is here to provide a resource for those who want to embrace a healthier wls lifestyle.

This community is for those who have had wls and are working to continue a healthier lifestyle. Topics will focus on wls related issues, support, answering questions, and helping and encouraging each other to maintain a higher quality of life through good nutrition (wls-based), and exercise. We're not perfect, and this community is here to help each other along this journey. This community is for those who have already had wls and are looking to maintain the healthier lifestyle. We had this surgery to be healthier, to live longer, and to look/feel better. It easy to fall off the bandwagon, so to speak, and here you will find the support and community strength to help and learn from each other.

This community is not for those who are just researching, considering, or working towards wls. wls is a wonderful community for that. There are people in all stages of their wls journey there and is a wonderful resource.

This community is moderated and hopefully most of the posts will be friends only. This is to create a more open environment and avoid lurkers and trolls who are here for the wrong reasons. We want this community to be supportive, comfortable, and for those in it not to be embarrassed to discuss anything that has anything to do with wls and life after wls. If you have any questions, please contact one of the moderators.

wls_lifestyle is maintained by girlgoth and co-moderated by girlgoth, pattinthehatt, and larakatya.
girlgoth had open RNY on 6/23/03, and since then has worked hard to live a healthier life and make better food and activity choices. She has lost over 100lbs, and has maintained a positive outlook on all the trials that life has thrown her way.
pattinthehatt had lap rny on 5/20/2004. She has lost over 150 pounds since that time, and is still losing, albeit more slowly. She believes a fun, positive attitude and exercise are key to reaching goals.

***If you'd like to join this community and have had wls, click here or click on the join community link at the top of this page. Right now, membership is moderated and if we don't know anything about you other than a username, we can't approve you! So after clicking on the joining links above, please post something about yourself in this entry and don't forget to include when you've had your wls! Thank you! :D