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omizu [userpic]
Posting for the ladies, sorry gents.

I've been wearing this bra that I bought from Lane Bryant and I think that I should tell people about it. It's the Bra 6. It keeps everything up where it should be and also helps keep my body suit up and snug. It is almost 50$ when tax is added in, but it's worth everything. The back strap, unlike a regular bra has two sets of three rowed hooks. This bra has gone down in size with me as I've lost weight. I recomend it highly for anyone who'se looking to keep thier twins up and natural.

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That looks cool! I have one kind of like that, but it is too big now. I can't get anything at Lane Bryant anymore (they don't even have my bra size!), but I'm going to take that as a good thing.

I went from an F cup to a B cup, and there is a *lot* of skin there. I really wish I was perky. :P I call them the uncooked baguettes, cause that's what they look like...lol I'm so nice, huh? lol!

but it's true! They totaly look funny. I have the saggy extra skin with the boobs too, with the saggy skin on the side. We were outside one day and I was in a normal bra and my brother was like....what's THAT! Turns out he was looking at the extra skin on my side, where it was above my bra. (it travels, I swear)

he calls them my arm ball sack.

Brothers are so nice, aren't they? :P

I can roll my boobs under themselves and tuck them into the bra cups. Nice visual huh? LOL! If I wasn't planning on having kids in the next 5 years, I'd totally get a reduction! I don't care how small they are, because I'm very small boned...I just want them to *look* like a 30-something's boobs instead of an 80-something's boobs! lol!

I agree completely! I don't even know if I'm having kids ever...so... I don't know when the time comes...do I want my boobs done. Then..do I have stuff in them, or just reduced.

I wear this bra as well and it's amazing ;) Totally worth the money.