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It's not just a tool, it's a way of life.
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friskykitten64 [userpic]

Highest weight: 317
Lowest weight: 169
Current weight: 182

Right now I am working on not taking this tool for granted. I weigh about once a week and try to maintain an online food diary at http//:www.sparkpeople.com 

My weaknesses are that I am a lazy ass who hates to exercise and I haven't done well in that area.
I also smoke and drink coffee which I know are no-no's.

My strengths are that I am somewhat self-aware and can usually recognize a self destructive eating habit quickly before it gets out of hand. 
I am--though not perfect about it--at least consistent about taking my vitamins and logging my food. 

On an emotional level, I am petrified of gaining my weight back. I know that a certain amount of bounce back weight is expected. If I were to gain it all back, to be perfectly honest, I don't know if I have it in me to lose it yet again. I would be miserable, embarrassed, and deeply disappointed in myself. 

This is the most weight I have ever lost and kept off for this long. 

Here's a link to my story if you are interested.


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Lanette [userpic]

Does anyone know if Split Pea Soup is a good lunch as a post op? I really like it, but it's hard for me to tell how they make it if I just buy it out of a large crockpot at the store. Any idea of protien content?

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steve-O! [userpic]

pros and cons:


- 224! new low for me. weight loss slowly coming to a halt, which means much more watching on my part, no more waiting for it to happen on my own.
- stretched my lobes to an 8g and 10g. i love body mods.
- new nip piercings! (check my regular blog for pics or what not)
- love hanging out as the "new me", along with the "new jen"!
- went dancing with jen tonight. it's awesome to be able to hold our arms around each other while dancing close, instead of faking it on each other's hips.
- quit malibu and got hired at playboy magazine! here's a toast to new awesome jobs!


- weight loss isn't taken for granted anymore
- holiday shopping decreasing to a halt due to the evil black friday
- not able to 'be fitted' for new clothes, kind of scared to see what size i "really am"
- alcohol isn't hitting quite as hard as i thought it would be. it takes a lot more to buzz me as previously thought.

open-lap RNY 8/3/06

sunka2 [userpic]

I joined LA Weight Loss today. They seem to think I can lose 80 pounds in 40 weeks. I know I can. Now I feel back on track.

I thought about TOPS, WW and OA. I think LAWL is for me, no raised eyebrows about wls. Individual councelling, no set meeting times, drop in service, weekly weigh-ins and photos at start, middle, and end. Then they do a maintenance plan. They are all skinny and perky. It's that positivity I'm looking for. I go back tomorrow and I start on Saturday.

I feel relieved.

lap RNY

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omizu [userpic]

Has anyone expierenced sleeping problems after the surgery? I'm so tired for the past few months. I could sleep 11-12 hours if I was able, but most times I can't because of work.

I'm 9 months out.

omizu [userpic]

I've been wearing this bra that I bought from Lane Bryant and I think that I should tell people about it. It's the Bra 6. It keeps everything up where it should be and also helps keep my body suit up and snug. It is almost 50$ when tax is added in, but it's worth everything. The back strap, unlike a regular bra has two sets of three rowed hooks. This bra has gone down in size with me as I've lost weight. I recomend it highly for anyone who'se looking to keep thier twins up and natural.

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Shannon [userpic]

I've moved up to walking two miles a day! Ok, so tonight was the first night of it, but still, I wasn't exhausted when I got home, and didn't fall out, so I won't be going backwards and walking less. I'm just so amazed that "I" can walk that far. Me...the fat girl of the family! It's making for a great night. Now I'm off to drink a protein supplement.

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omizu [userpic]

So the barix clinic called and canceled my check-up. I'm about 9months out. (omg >_<) Then I asked if i could reschedule. (Cause that'll be the next logical step) And I was told that there are no more appts until after December. wtf? So I'm a little upset...but not that much because I can always have my regular doctor just check the bloodwork. I mean...she's the one that takes it anyway. I found out what they're mainly looking at (my B12 and protein) so I'll let the doctor know that.

I called back again to try and get a little more info. I talked to the lady and was like...is everyone's appt being canceld, cause it'll be the 3rd time for my mother's to be cancled. She said that she's going to do what she can but...

I want to know what's going on now. Cause if there's something wrong with the doctor, then I don't want him preforming on my mother.

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omizu [userpic]

When, in your opionon or experiance, is a good time to start looking into plastics? I ask because I'm at 240 and my goal is 180. I don't know if I neccisarily want to wait until I'm at my goal to start looking into getting it. Also I can't tell on my body what is still fat and what is just extra skin. Because...baby do I have alot of extra skin.

So..what do you guys think/recomend?

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omizu [userpic]


-I've lost 4 pounds this week! The going back to basics definatly works!
-I bought a pedometer. I like to know the difference of how much I walk between when I do and don't work a double, that way on the days I don't I can try to get more walking in.
-found a way to excersize while at the calandar stand. I try to walk fast around the stand for about 25min. Usualy before I have to close up. Not only does it stop me from being so stiff from standing and walking slow, it feels a bit better when I walk back to the store. 
-Bought a pair of MBT shoes.  I LOVE these shoes. Not only should they help with the soreness I get, but they'll help me walk properly and work out my thighs and butt. (go google them, I swear they work)


-sore sore sore *cries* I came home last night almost in tears. The lesson for today is to NEVER wear your doc martians to work in a calandar stand.
-I spent more than I wanted to for the MBT shoes, but less than they go for retail (I spent 199$+free shipping vs retail's 255$ +whatever they charge in shipping)  Sure I only saved about 50-60$ but there wasn't anything cheeper in my size and I needed them sooner rather than later.
-Rough week, going back to basics and working two jobs...is hard!
-so much to do, so little time I work like a mo-fo this weekend. Personaly and buisness stuff.

lap rny

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